LGBT and Christianity

The NBA’s Jason Collins created quite a stir this week by becoming the first active player in one of the four major American team sports to admit he’s a homosexual. He also says he’s a Christian, which ESPN NBA reporter Chris Broussard got into some hot water for questioning.

On the subject of LGBT and Christianity, Mark Hull of the Fellowship of Christian Athletes spoke highly of Rosaria Champagne Butterfield’s article, “My Train Wreck Conversion: As a leftist, lesbian professor, I despised Christians. Then somehow I became one.” It is excellent, and put me in tears as I read it on-air Wednesday on WOGO.

The Story EVERYONE Needs to Hear

 In the Epilogue of his book “66 Love Letters: A Conversation with God that Invites You into His Story,” Dr. Larry Crabb provides a great service when he offers “The Story Everyone Needs to Hear(The Bible in 66 Paragraphs).” 
About it, Crabb writes, “God’s story is the story everyone needs to hear. And those who are honest enough to face what’s missing and what’s wrong in themselves are the ones who hear the story best. It’s the only story that delivers on its promise, though not on our timetable, to make us happy with a happiness that cannot be lost.”
So, what follows is Crabb’s presentation of God’s story, as best and brief as he can, in sixty-six short paragraphs. In order to showcase the story’s ear-opening realism and heart-awakening romance, he tells the story as if God Himself is the narrator and tlaking directly to who He knows is listening.

Do It Anyway

In his book, “Freedom From Fear: Overcoming Worry & Anxiety,” Neil Anderson says “…nobody can keep you from being the person God has called you to be.”  He says, “It’s normal to feel the fear but step out anyway as the following poem suggests:

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Dr. Ben Carson at Natl. Prayer Breakfast

What are people saying about Dr. Ben Carson’s keynote address at Thursday’s annual National Prayer Breakfast in D.C.? Jenny in Osseo says:

“This is OUTSTANDING!!  This doctor gave an awesome speech at the prayer breakfast telling his love of God and country and Obama just had to sit there and take it.  I just saw a movie on the life of this doctor.  It’s wonderful.  The name of the movie was “Gifted Hands” and his part was played by Cuba Gooding Jr.  It was very good. Listen to the WHOLE thing.  It’s so worth it and the best part was watching Obama’s body language.  He wasn’t a happy camper,…it was evident.  Pay
particular attention to the way his chin goes way up at certain
times…interesting.  Anyway, this was a very refreshing speech from a
brilliant and honest man.”