Third Day’s “Your Words” Theme Song of Halvo’s “Morning Light”

Weekday morning’s 5:30-7 I have the privilege of helping wake up western Wisconsin as I host “The Morning Light” on WWIB-FM and This week I mentioned on-air the new theme song for the show is Third Day’s “Your Words.

I chose this song as each morning I’m inviting listeners to begin their day by joining me in a CELEBRATION of God’s Word and His Gospel.  You see, without God’s word, there’d be no Christians, Christianity or Christian radio.  It’s ONLY through God’s word we come to faith(Rom.10:13) and it’s through His Word we grow spiritually(1Peter2:2). Additionally, while Jesus indicated the greatest commandment is to wholly love God and the second one is to love our neighbor, we can only do that to the degree we embrace His unconditional, sacrificial love for us(1John 4:19, Romans 5:8).

So join me weekday mornings from 5:30-7 and together let’s CELEBRATE the Lord together!