New Hampshire Predictions

After correctly predicting the order of the top six in the GOP and the Dems in Iowa last Monday, here’s my prognostication for how things will turn out tonight in New Hampshire:


Bernie Sanders–54%

Hillary Clinton–41%


Donald Trump–30%

Marco Rubio–15%…Even after Saturday night’s much-discussed debate performance he was still drawing the second biggest crowds among GOP candidates. His supporters still find much to like about him even after the media scrutiny and criticism he’s faced for how he handled his fracas with Christie.

John Kasich–14%…Over 100 town halls and an ability to embody Granite state Republicanism will help.

Jeb Bush–13%…Not all he was hoping for, but a good enough performance to fight on in South Carolina where he’s praying having older brother George W. campaign for him will provide the much-needed boost.

Ted Cruz–12%…South Carolina and all those March 1st S.E.C. primaries matter much more to him.

Chris Christie–5%…Say “Good night” Chris! Marco won’t miss you!

Carly Fiorina–4%…Not bad considering ABC didn’t even include her in Saturday night’s debate. She’s committed to continuing on. Will she be allowed in future debates? She should be.

Ben Carson–3%…He’ll keep going.