The Best Part of Pain

When I heard our 13 year old daughter, Grace, read the rough draft of this yesterday, I realized how much she’s grown during our family’s 8 months in Africa:


The Best Part of Pain

So, I know what you’re thinking about the title, but please hear me out.

You may think the best part about pain is when it’s over, right? I used to think that too, but I’ve come to learn the best part of pain is when you’re right in the middle of it, because that’s when all your faces are gone and the real, true you is there. It’s one of the most frightening things ever, but it’s truly the best and most beautiful part, because it’s when you’re in so much pain you start to wonder if it’s really worth it. And when you see who you truly are–how strong, how mean and cruel, how insecure–you finally get to the point where you can no longer do it by yourself, and yet you’re all alone in your room because you’ve hurt everyone you love and don’t know why you don’t stop. It’s only then you get down on your knees and ask for help and strength to get through this.

After you do that you just cry until you fall asleep, and hope in the morning it will be like a movie, right? When all of a sudden everything goes perfect because the main character (you) found God or peace, and everyone loves them again. But I’m going to tell you something.  Ready for this–your life is not a movie. Every time something goes wrong it will not be “all better” by the end of the episode. You will NOT know your true love when you see them for the first time. In this world, everything is NOT ever going to be all ok, or anything else TV or movies tell you. So, because of that, when you wake up everything will NOT be perfect again. Everyone will NOT have forgiven you without you ever asking.  Your soul mate will NOT give you breakfast in bed. You’ll wake up and want to feel different with your pain all gone, but instead you’ll find the only thing different about today is you know you are not—and NEVER will be again–all alone. You survived the night. As soon as you realize that, a smile creeps on to your face. You prepare to face the world. You don’t want to, but you know you have to. So, you get ready, say a little prayer and start the day.

That’s the best part of pain–when you move from all alone and too much pain for one person to someone who is still in a lot of pain, but knows they are not alone. You’ll get through this and this pain will go away one day and you will move forward.